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Our mission:To kraft responsibly-sourced packaging and products that not only prioritize quality, functionality, and affordability but also champion a profound commitment to enhancing the health and beauty of our planet.

Pakway: Turning Waste into Worth

Pakway, recently acquired by Kanak Naturals and a leader in the packaging industry, specializes in the production of rPET food packaging. This partnership is deeply committed to converting ocean-bound plastics into high-quality, responsibly sourced products that meet stringent global sustainability standards.

Every year, a staggering 400 million metric tons of plastic waste is produced globally, with 8-10 million metric tons dumped into our oceans daily. Pakway addresses this crisis head-on by innovating recycling processes that convert this waste into valuable packaging solutions. Each package not only contributes to a cleaner planet but also embodies significant environmental stewardship.

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Together, we're making a tangible impact—one package at a time.

Saving The Ocean - One Plastic Bottle At A Time

We recognize the essential role of packaging in functionality and environmental impact. Pakway utilizes advanced rPET materials to transform at-risk plastics into high-quality, food-safe packaging, significantly reducing environmental footprints and pushing the boundaries of recycled materials in the consumer market.

Pakway and Kanak Partnership

United For A Greener Future

The partnership between Pakway and Kanak Naturals enhances our ability to produce eco-friendly packaging that contributes positively to the environment. Together, we leverage Pakway's expertise in rPET technology and Kanak's innovative sustainable material use, driving our shared vision of reducing plastic waste.

Each year, less than 0.5% of the plastic produced enters the oceans, yet this amounts to over 1 million metric tons. Our collaborative efforts aim to significantly decrease this figure by promoting a circular economy where plastic reuse is prioritized.

Our Sustainability Kommitment
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Our kommitment to the Planet

Reducing Ocean Plastics

By repurposing plastics destined for the ocean, we tackle the pressing issue of marine pollution head-on, converting potential waste into valuable packaging materials. This effort is critical as the world sees only 9% of plastic waste recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills or incinerated, underscoring our commitment to boosting recycling and re-use initiatives globally.

Advancing Recycling Technology

We invest in state-of-the-art recycling technologies to improve the conversion of discarded plastics into premium rPET materials, establishing new benchmarks in the industry and showcasing our BRC-certified dedication to quality.

Empowering Global Communities

Our work with coastal communities to collect ocean-bound plastics not only aids in ocean cleanup but also bolsters local economies, creating sustainable job opportunities and encouraging community development.

Economic Impact

The financial drain of plastic pollution on the global economy is staggering, with an estimated annual cost of up to $19 billion USD due to effects on fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, and cleanup efforts. Highlighting the financial benefits of improved plastic management is crucial in our communications.

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