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Our mission:To kraft responsibly-sourced packaging and products that not only prioritize quality, functionality, and affordability but also champion a profound commitment to enhancing the health and beauty of our planet.

When One Of the Largest Fast Food Brands Craved Sustainability, we Super-Sized Their Eco-Efforts!

What we did

This large fast-food chain with golden arches was looking to elevate its brand while sticking to their sustainability commitments. The customer is very detail-oriented and asked Kanak to ensure lids can be taken on and off using one hand. There should be no fiber strands in the lid slot. Kanak Naturals ®stepped in and systematically put a plan in place that ensured all requirements were met. We invested in a custom embossed, Molded Fiber Lid and PLA Laminated Base. Our advanced molded fiber technology ensured the ® logo alongside the brand logo was always visible as well.


We not only reinforced its brand identity with custom embossed products but also enhanced its reputation as an eco-conscious company, aligning with its sustainability objectives seamlessly. We ultimately delivered sustainable packaging with no added PFAS.