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Our mission:To kraft responsibly-sourced packaging and products that not only prioritize quality, functionality, and affordability but also champion a profound commitment to enhancing the health and beauty of our planet.

Sterilized Packaging Innovation Elevates Healthcare Standards

What we did

Kanak Naturals, traditionally celebrated for its commitment to high-quality and environmentally conscious products, has successfully penetrated the healthcare sector by launching a series of sterile surgical bowls and trays. These products are specifically engineered for use in the operating rooms, meeting the paramount standards of cleanliness and sterility demanded in medical settings. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the critical need for disposable yet dependable surgical tools and containers. In response, Kanak Naturals devised:

  • Sterile Surgical Bowls: Uniquely large, these disposable bowls are designed to hold approximately three gallons of liquid, catering to a diverse range of surgical procedures. Their substantial size and robustness ensure reliability in the intense environment of surgery rooms.
  • Disposable Surgical Instrument Trays: These trays complement the bowls by providing a sterile environment for surgical instruments, thereby maintaining organization and sterility during operations. They address the complex requirements of surgical teams, promoting both efficiency and cleanliness.

Certification of Cleanliness: Both the bowls and trays are produced to such a high standard of cleanliness that they have received certification for use in surgery rooms. This certification is a testament to the trust that healthcare providers can place in the quality and safety of Kanak Naturals’ products.


The introduction of sterile surgical products by Kanak Naturals has been warmly received within the healthcare industry. Their capability to meet the urgent demands of hospital systems for such essential supplies has significantly broadened the company's market presence, demonstrating its adaptability and commitment to excellence. This positive reception highlights Kanak Naturals' role as a key supplier in the medical field, contributing to safer surgical environments and establishing a new benchmark for product quality and reliability in healthcare.