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Regional Grocery Titan Enhances Offerings

High-Quality Dinnerware, Quadrupling Volume and Setting New Market Benchmarks

What we did

A regional leader in the grocery and wholesale industry identified an opportunity to enhance its array of products with high-quality, single-use dinnerware. Recognizing the need for a distinctive mix of quality, reliability, and innovative product design, they sought a partner capable of elevating their dinnerware selections to meet consumer demands for premium, single-use options.


The collaboration led to a transformative expansion in their dinnerware portfolio, achieving remarkable results:

  • Expansion of Dinnerware Portfolio: Our comprehensive product suite, coupled with their innovative Mix and Match Program, resulted in a quadrupled volume increase, substantially broadening their product offerings.
  • Supply Chain Excellence: Our top-tier inventory management practices played a crucial role during the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite global supply chain disruptions, we ensured a steady and uninterrupted supply of products, bolstering the customer’s position as a steadfast leader in the industry.
  • Benchmarking Against National Brands: Initially, the collaboration began with 3 SKUs, selected to match the quality and performance of leading national brands. This initial trust paved the way for a deeper partnership.
  • Rapid SKU Expansion: In response to growing consumer demand for our high-quality products, the partnership quickly grew to include 9 SKUs. This expansion is a testament to the market’s positive reception and the increasing preference for our products.
  • Tripled SKU Offerings in Three Years: The swift tripling of SKU offerings within a mere three years underscores the dynamic and successful growth of our partnership, marking significant milestones in product diversity and availability.

This case study exemplifies the power of strategic collaboration in driving growth and innovation in the grocery and wholesale sector. Through a shared commitment to quality and sustainability, the partnership has not only met but exceeded market expectations, setting new standards for single-use dinnerware offerings.