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Marathon Management Company Sprints Ahead with Compostable Snack Bowls

What we did

 A prominent management company for long-distance running events recognized the urgent need to address the plastic waste from snack bowls distributed at marathon finish lines. Previously relying on injection molded plastic bowls, which often were not recovered post-event, the company sought a solution that aligned with their commitment to responsible resource use. They partnered with Kanak Naturals, renowned for its innovative use of responsibly sourced materials, to develop a compostable alternative that maintained functionality without compromising their goals.

Kanak Naturals undertook a rigorous design process, transitioning from traditional plastic to molded fiber. This shift necessitated careful consideration of ergonomics and durability to ensure the bowls were practical for runners to manage with one hand while holding a hot cup. The design included reinforced ribs at the bottom for additional strength and smooth, customizable sidewalls for branding opportunities. Despite initial challenges in adapting the manufacturing process from plastic to fiber, which led to a higher rejection rate, Kanak Naturals closely collaborated with the marathon company to refine quality standards, incorporating features like textured bottoms and embracing the inherent variations in the fiber materials' appearance.


The launch of these innovative, compostable race bowls significantly propelled the marathon management company’s drive towards more responsible event practices. By replacing non-recyclable plastic with biodegradable materials, the new bowls not only reduced waste and the need for extensive post-event cleanup but also upheld the quality of the race experience for participants. This initiative has established a new industry standard, demonstrating that practical design and a commitment to reducing resource use can coexist effectively. The partnership between Kanak Naturals and the marathon management company has grown, bolstering their leadership in responsible event planning. This successful transition to compostable materials has solidified their role as pioneers in the competitive sports event market, showcasing the potential for significant environmental impact through thoughtful product innovation.