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Our mission:To kraft responsibly-sourced packaging and products that not only prioritize quality, functionality, and affordability but also champion a profound commitment to enhancing the health and beauty of our planet.

Grocery Giant Amplifies Private Label Success

Through Strategic Partnership and Sustainable Innovation

What we did

Faced with the challenge of enhancing its private label line with high-quality, sustainable products, a leading national grocer found its incumbent supplier lacking. Our reputation for products that performed exceptionally well against top national brands made us the partner of choice for this ambitious expansion.

Over the span of nine years, our collaboration with the grocer saw the expansion of their private label offerings from 6 to 14 SKUs. We provided additional value through complimentary embossing and printing services, and by domestic packing of products, we ensured superior quality control. Our commitment to sustainability and quality, combined with innovative packaging solutions, directly aligned with the grocer’s mission to offer consumers premium, eco-conscious products under its private label.


Our partnership became especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, a period when many suppliers struggled to meet demand. Thanks to our industry-leading inventory management practices, we experienced no product shortages, enabling the grocer to not only meet but vastly exceed sales expectations. In fact, sales volumes for the private label products increased over sevenfold, a testament to the reliability and efficiency of our supply chain management.

The success of this strategic collaboration led to a multi-year contract extension, reinforcing the grocer’s confidence in our capabilities and cementing our position as a pivotal player in the private label retail sector. This partnership not only highlighted our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable products but also showcased our ability to support our partners through unpredictable market conditions, driving mutual growth and consumer satisfaction.