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Our mission:To kraft responsibly-sourced packaging and products that not only prioritize quality, functionality, and affordability but also champion a profound commitment to enhancing the health and beauty of our planet.

Fast-Food Leader Revolutionizes Sustainability

Compostable Packaging, Surpassing Industry Standards and Amplifying Customer Satisfaction

What we did

A nationally acclaimed fast-food chain faced the challenge of adhering to stringent environmental regulations in certain key areas of operation. The goal was not just to meet these requirements but to do so without compromising on the quality and functionality that their customers had come to expect. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and the potential for long-term partnership, we embarked on a project to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our solution was the creation of PLA-lined paper bowls accompanied by environmentally friendly lids. This innovative packaging was designed to comply with local environmental regulations while setting a new standard for quality in sustainable packaging. Initially perceived as a niche project due to its regional focus, we saw this as an invaluable opportunity to cement a lasting relationship with the fast-food chain by addressing a critical need others had overlooked.

Over the years, our collaboration deepened, characterized by a continuous exchange of insights and adjustments in response to evolving environmental regulations. We remained committed to staying ahead of the curve, refining our product designs to ensure they not only met but exceeded regulatory and industry standards for sustainability and functionality.


The outcome of this partnership was the development of a line of compostable packaging that significantly raised the bar for sustainability in the fast-food sector. These products were not only fully compostable, addressing the environmental impact concern, but they also featured an innovative lid design known for its market-leading fit. This design offered an efficient closure mechanism that provided an audible snap, enhancing the customer experience by ensuring food safety and temperature maintenance.

This collaboration's success lies in the achievement of a dual objective: meeting strict environmental regulations and enriching the consumer experience with high-quality, functional packaging. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of our partner's needs and the regulatory landscape, enabled us to deliver solutions that elevated the fast-food chain's reputation as a pioneer in sustainable packaging practices.

Through this partnership, we demonstrated the power of innovation and collaboration in overcoming sustainability challenges, setting new industry benchmarks for eco-friendly packaging, and fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.